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Website Recording Session Replay See What They See

See how users really navigate your website.

Make data-driven decisions to improve conversions and increase revenue.


Stop wondering what your site visitors are doing. Start watching .


Visualize your visitors actions. Gain insight where your users convert or where you loose them with our analytics - make data driven decision to improve conversions and increase revenue.


Our A/B Testing analytics will give you great insight into what creates consumer action or not.

Website Session Recording with Powerful Filter Capabilities and Segments.


Start watching your users within 5 minutes. No downloads, works with all websites and Apps.

See What They See

Watch Website Recordings To

Make data- driven decisions to improve conversions and increase revenue.

Our Features


Record all users sessions as they navigate your website. Learn where they click or don't, what they read or ignore or when they take action.


Watch your users navigate your website with our session replay website recording.


With a few clicks you will learn your customers path on your platform. Uncover where they convert or drop off. With Vestige analytic filtering, you can set many different events to gain the insight you need.

website analytics


Analyzing consumer reactions across multiple page variations helps to reveal the top and bottom performers on your website or marketing ads. Our A/B Testing analytics will give you great insight into what creates consumer action or not.


Manage your analytic data by filtering and segmenting a visitor’s site path. This process streamlines an abundance of consumer data into more manageable pieces relevant to one’s criteria.


Wondering what visitors are actively doing on your website? Contemplating what can help convert clicks to sells? Website analytics offers a trackable solution to this dilemma.

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