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What Is A Website Session?

By Vestige

What Is A Website Session? Viewing vs Interacting They say, “great things come to those who wait,” but today I’m in a hurry. I need to locate a new toolbox for some upholstery work I want to complete on my grandmother’s couch. While surfing the net trying to find the best materials at an affordable…

What is funnel in analytics

By Vestige

How to Convert Clicks to Sells: Clocked out for lunch and can finally take a break. While shuffling through the bare pantry, I begin searching for a distraction. “Where’s my phone!?” I locate my little black box, open Instagram, and immediately start viewing stories. In between funny memes, trendy bodies, and foodie reels- a few…

What is a data funnel

By Vestige

What is a Data Funnel? Facts that Build Good Strategy A data funnel functions to streamline and create a flow of all user-activity that’s taken place from the moment your customer engages with your site until they successfully complete a purchase. This type of funnel differs from standalone website analytics, because data funnels work to…