Improve funnel conversions and increase revenue.

With a few clicks you will learn your customers path on your platform.

Uncover where your visitors convert or drop off.

With Vestige funnel analytics filtering, you can set many different events to gain the insight you need.

Extract actionable information from the session recordings and analytics.



Uncover why users leave with our funnel analytics. Getting visitors to your website is one thing. Getting them to take action is another. Notice your visitors leaving your website without taking action. Learn how many and where visitors seem to get stuck and leave at any given step.


Answer your biggest questions and find roadblocks of your visitors journey. Learn where your visitors get stuck during onboarding or convert during the sales funnel or marketing funnel. See the areas of your website or marketing you may need to improve or what is working.


Uncover your best or worst performing product or page? With Vestige session recording and funnel analytics you will quickly learn your highest converting pages or products. Learn what areas of your website need more attention to drive a higher ROI.


Our filters show you which sources return the highest or lowest ROI. Compare the different paths that create friction, stop or increase conversions and which events provide the most drop offs. Trying out new marketing campaigns or made changes on your website? Use our A/B testing.


  Test new ways to increase engagement that make you visitors convert, quickly learn what works and what doesn’t.

  Use the data from your testing to Optimize your website or marketing campaign to up your gain, convert and retain your visitors.

  Compare the different paths that create friction and stop conversions. Learn which events provide the most conversions or drop offs.