Gain Valuable Insights Into Customer Behavior

Wondering what visitors are actively doing on your website?

Contemplating what can help convert clicks to sell more this quarter and thereafter?

Our website analytics offers a trackable solution to this dilemma.


Automated tools to accurately track your customer.

Understand your customers journey.

Learn what pages or CTA buttons produce the highest revenue.

Identify problem areas of your site and where you may loose users.

Learn how much time visitors are spending on each page and what they’re clicking.

Gain Valuable Insights Into Customer Behavior

Vestige offers insight into the raw data reflective of your consumer base.

Learn how your audience interacts with your website from initial contact to final bounce.

Traffic Insight

Gather, process and evaluate your website traffic. Learn how many visitors, amount of time spent, pages visited and how many, what action they are taking. Evaluate your bounce rate, Conversion rate, Initial site access and Customer demographics and location.

Event Tracking

Analyze your vistitors behavior with our analytics event tracking with segmentation. This tool allows you to track how your visitors are interacting with your website. Learn what pages are visited or not. Where your visitors click or dont or what page or buttons receive the most amount of conversions. Make data driven decisions for your marketing campaigns while building a bigger audience.

Marketing Campaigns

Determine which marketing campaigns are effective at generating the most qualified visitors and which ones aren't. Gain valuable insight on ways to best optimize your under performing marketing campaigns using session recording. Understand which targeted market drives the best results.

Session Recording

Record & learn how your visitors behave on your website. Watch all user sessions to learn what’s stopping conversions or creating user frustrations. Vestige records how your users scroll, where they move their mouse, where they click and don’t click, and every keyboard stroke. Our website session recordings offer event based analytics with powerful filters and segments.

Consistently tracking relevant data such as the above website analytics, offers a beneficial and cohesive log of what takes place on one’s site.

  Why is it important to track what takes place on a website?

Answer: This is the only way to accurately know what is and isn’t working in regards to customer conversion.

 Our software efficiently integrates with websites to provide a detailed data into your customer’s total life-cycle using our combination of  A/B Testing, Funnel Analytics, or User Session Recording.