Session Recordings and Replays

Stop Wondering. Start Watching.  

Our session recordings gives you front row seat to watch your visitors as they interact with your website.

Vestige website recording allows you to follow along your users journey.

Watch session replay or live screen recorder on your website to see what they see.

Record & learn how your visitors behave on your website.

Watch all user sessions to learn what’s stopping conversions or creating user frustrations.

Adjustable Speed

Set speed from 1x – 4x to watch conversions or slower to see issues users may be having.

Skip Idle

You can move past the recordings where users did not take action or sat idle.


Vestige records how your users scroll, where they move their mouse, where they click and don’t click, and every keyboard stroke.

Powerful Analytics

With Vestige powerful filtering, you’ll be able to filter and find the visitors recording you’re interested in watching.

Vestige records how your users scroll, click, mouse moves and keyboard strokes.

Our website session recordings offer event based analytics and funnel analytics with powerful filters and segments.

See what you may need to fix to improve user experience and improve conversions.

It ‘s time to stop guessing what your visitors do on your site.

Learn powerful information of what areas draw them in and what areas don’t.

Learn why your visitors don’t navigate your site or app they way you want them to.

Stop asking why and start watching with Vestige recording.

Start watching your site visitors now.


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